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Why Parents
Should Not Smoke Pot Around Their Children?

Parents smoking pot around kids is not a good idea

Now that more states are legalizing recreational pot, parents wonder whether or not smoking marijuana in front of their kids is harming them in any way. Most of them don’t agree that it’s ok to smoke around children, whether it’s cigarettes or anything else. At this point, 8 states in the US – California included – have legalized marijuana for adults above the age of 21. The majority of the people consume it to get rid of insomnia and migraines, however they don’t do it in front of their kids. Canabis is also now available in the UK on prescription.

An adult smokes weed
Smoking marijuana has become legalized in a number of the US states,
for medical reasons.
But it shouldn't be done in front of your children,
who can experience negative physical effects.

Consuming pot around kids is not ok

Researchers agree that parents must not smoke pot in the presence of their kids. That’s because they may absorb the chemicals passively. Several studies have been done on the subject. In one particular study, performed in New York, physicians found detectable marijuana metabolites in kids’ urine. That’s a clear sign that they’ve been exposed to direct pot smoking.

43 young kids in Colorado had to be hospitalized at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention with bronchitis. They had between 1 month and 2 years old. Experts tested the kids and noticed that they had extremely low levels of metabolites into their systems. The caregivers that admitted to exposing their children to marijuana smoke had high traces of the in their systems. From what we can see, increasingly more parents don’t realize that the health of their little ones is at risk until they end up in the hospital.

Development issues in babies

There’s little evidence that marijuana vapors or smoke are harming children. Nonetheless, some studies claim that exposing them to low THC concentrations (which is the main psychoactive ingredient in pot) may trigger behavioral problems. This can happen in pregnant women who haven’t yet quit smoking. Some other research suggests that teens may be affected too. Apparently, smoking pot from a young age can trigger all kinds of problems, including lack of attention and motivation, and memory loss.

Physicians are worried that if more states will legalize marijuana, the situation can get worse. If kids see their parents smoke pot, they might grow up believing that it’s better than normal cigarettes. However, there’s no reasons to believe one type of smoking is better than the other. Marijuana smoke can be just as bad as smoke coming from a tobacco cigarette. Passive smoking may put the health of a child at risk. They can develop viral infections as well as other respiratory illnesses, including asthma.

Smoking weed can cause side effects
Smoking canabis can cause auditory and visual hallucinations with some people

Unforeseen side effects

Even though many studies have been performed on the side-effects of marijuana and cigarette smoke around kids, there’s no conclusive evidence to state that the chemicals exhaled are dangerous. But still, most parents are worried that something might happen. It’s not that they fear the side-effects. They fear that they don’t know what those side-effects can be.

Smoking around kids doesn’t just affect their general health. It may even convince them that it’s ok to smoke; and it’s not. Both tobacco and marijuana trigger addictions that can be extremely difficult to cease. As kids grow older, they will start mimic the same behavior they seen in their parents. Rather than smoke in front of your child, it’s best to go into a different room, or choose vaping. Electronic cigarettes don’t contain any tobacco; and those that burn pot, don’t release any THC into thin air. This means your kids are safe in a closed environment, and they won’t be tempted to try because some e-cigs don’t even look like cigarettes.

Don't smoke pot in front of children

Supporters have pushed through to have marijuana legalized in some states for mostly
medical reasons, but that should be done in private and away from your kids.

Unlike conventional cigarettes, e-cigs work with a special e-cig liquid that is attached to the electronic device. When exhaling, the smoke is actually vapor, and it doesn’t affect the health of the people around you in any way. The exact same thing goes for pot. There are e-cigs that can be used to smoke marijuana. The process is different, but the purpose is the same – to be able to smoke in the comfort of your home without fearing that you’ll end in the hospital with your kid because of the chemicals. Kids are fragile, and since their immune systems are not totally formed, it’s best to keep them safe by smoking someplace outside the house.

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