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Health Benefits of CBD oil products

This popular natural remedy is gaining more interest and attention in public, as different states in the USA and Canada in particular are legalizing some form of Cannabidiol and CBD Oil products. Cannabidiol is a substance extracted from Cannabis, which in turn comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. It's also known as hemp or marijuana plant.

  Benefits of Cannabidiol and CBD Oil products
CBD Oil Benefits for Skin

CBD Oil Benefits for Skin

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive natural component extracted from marijuana or hemp plant. It's been known to be helpful with a number of illnesses and health conditions. One of those is improving your skin condition. Take a look at these five benefits of CBD oil for your skin care.

5 Health Benefits of Cannabis

Health Benefits of Cannabis

Derived from the marijuana or hemp plant, cannabis is medicinal and contains two cannabinoids: CBD and THC. While THC is a psychoactive compound, CBD is a medical compound that can provide health benefits for many medical and health conditions. Here's what you need to know about its health benefits.

How Smoking Marijuana Affects Your Workout

How Marijuana Affects Workout

It might surprise you to find out that some people smoke pot after training. There are various debates on marijuana effects on workouts and athletic lifestyle. Evidence shows that smoking marijuana can have both positive and negative effects on your workout. We examine some of the effects.

Smoking Pot Around Kids

Smoking Pot Around Kids

With more US states legalizing recreational pot, parents who smoke weed get concerned if smoking it in front of their kids could harm them in any way. Common sense would suggest that it's best to avoid doing so in front of your children. Here are some of reasons why this is a good approach.

What are CBD Oil Gummies?

What are CBD Oil Gummies?

CBD or Cannabinoid oil is extracted from the Cannabis plant, or hemp. This type of oil is concerned with providing medical benefits, usually without psychoactive effects. It is said to be helpful with managing many health conditions, that include chronic pain, inflammation, epilepsy and diabetes.

It won't get you high

Cannabidiol or CBD has been used by natural doctors to treat a variety of health problems, from anxiety to pain. Being a non-psychoactive compound, CBD won't get you high. Instead, there are more and more medical uses for it being discovered.

Much of this has been known before, but it's only now that these beneficial aspects of Cannabidiol are being re-discovered, owing to more favourable legal aspects being relaxed especially in the US and Canada.

Cannabidiol oil and hemp plant

It's still early days, but as the goverments move towards relaxing hemp and
marijuana laws, and even legalizing medical and recreational uses of the CBD,
we might find increasing number of health benefits of the Cannabidiol.

Cannabis sativa plant that contains significant amounts of THC compound or tetrahydrocannabidiol is generally known as marijuana, which is considered psychoactive because of its effect on person's mental state.

Cannabis sativa plants, on the other hand, that contain lesser amounts of THC are considered industrial hemp. They're non-psychactive, non-addictive cannabis plants.

CBD and inflammation

Some of the most recent research shows the CBD potential to be used for fighting the COVID-19 symptoms. Researchers created COVID-like symptoms in mice and then treated them with CBD. According to researchers, they were able to reduce inflammation and cytokines levels. These are proteins produced by immune system cells, as part of the body's response to a disease.

In order to control disease-induced inflammation, the body releases a peptide to help it control the inflammation. By treating mice with the CBD, they were able to induce the body to release this peptide, thus fighting inflammation.

It seems that the more research ends up being done with the CBD, we might find many other Cannabidiol benefits for our health.

More US states legalize canabis

On the November 4th ballot, 2020, canabis got a large boost. Another five US states legalized canabis in one form or another. Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota legalized canabis for recreational use. The state of Mississippi legalized canabis for medical use.

In total now, 16 states and Washington DC have legalized canabis for adult recreational use. Whereas, 34 states have legalized canabis for medical purposes. This increases the possibility of overall push towards legalizing canabis in the US on a federal level, with a growing shift in public opinion towards legalizing marijuana for recreational and medical purposes.

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