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Cancer Info

How this deadly disease affects us all

Cancer. A few words in English have such potent meaning. Affecting millions worldwide, cancer is still a big mystery and that's what often makes it scary. It's often hard to find a person who hasn't had a friend or family being affected by it.

One way to defuse cancer's power of fright is to understand what it does, how it affects us personally and how to deal with it. Here are some stories and articles that both speak of this disease and tell of personal stories.

  Cancer information
Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

Both men and women can suffer from breast cancer, although it is much more common in women. Being well informed is one of the best ways to fight cancer. That's why spreading awareness of this type of cancer will make sure that people understand what it is and how to do preventative checks.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast Cancer Symptoms

One of the most common forms of cancer in women is also one of the most common types of cancer in general. While cancer statistics suggest that one in seven women could develop this disease, family history plays an important part. Get regular checks to help you prevent its symptoms.

Cervical Cancer Stages

Cervical Cancer Stages

What happens when your best friend in prime of her life develops cervical cancer? How do you deal with it? What are the treatments and statistics for cervical cancer? Read this personal story from a person whose friend has cervical cancer, including statistics and treatments.

Cancer Treatment Hope

Cancer Treatment Hope

Cancer is one disease that can affect any one of us and there's often little that can be done to prevent it. Despite millions being spent on it, successful cancer treatment still seems to be a long way off. In the meantime, all those affected have to deal with it the bet way they can.

Exercise for Cancer Patients

Exercise for Cancer Patients

Those diagnosed with cancer can benefit from doing regular exercise, to improve their quality of life with cancer. These benefits include improved strength, reducing depression, and increasing lifespan. Potential benefits also include reducing the chance of cancer coming back after remission.

What You Need to Know About Lung Cancer

Know About Lung Cancer

It's one of the most common carcinomas that mostly affects smokers and second-hand smokers. But it's been also known to be cause by some other, yet unknown factors. Take a look at some of the important factors that you should know about this cancer, including causes, symptoms and treatments.

Oncology Systems

Oncology Systems

There are many different things that have to be done in order to run an oncology clinic smoothly. With the right systems and proper planning, you cancer treatment clinic can take care of day-to-day things, while you have more time to spend with your patients and improve their care.

Relief from Cancer Pain

Relief from Cancer Pain

People who are suffering from cancer often experience relief and other discomfort caused by the disease and medications. While medications can help to alleviate the pain, there are also natural treatments that can be helpful with treating the pain and discomfort felt by cancer patients.

Cancer disease

Cancer has a fearsome reputation. Not without reason either. It is a disease that has not yet fully yielded to the skills and intelligence of medical scientists and doctors. And, as if the pain from the disease is not enough, the treatment for cancer, too, inflicts heavy suffering on the body.

Cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled and abnormal cell division. Cancer spreads in the body and destroys tissues when the cancer cells travel through the blood stream or the lymphatic system. The runaway growth of cells is caused by mutations to the DNA in the cells that makes the cells unable to control cell division. This mutation can either be inherited or acquired. The mortality rate in cancer depends on the type of cancer and where it develops.

However, there is hope for the cancer-affected. Scientists are developing new techniques of treatment, such as molecular targeted therapies, for lung cancer. Better and more effective therapies can be expected as scientists and researchers coax out more secrets from the human cells.

Cancer Resources

Free Mesothelioma Guides

Mesothelioma is a malignant tumor (cancer) caused by inhaled asbestos fibers. Once inhaled, these fibers form cancer in the lungs, the abodomen, or the heart. Mesothelioma cancer symptoms include shortness of breath and chest pain. Learn more about Mesothelioma cancer and get free guide at The Mesothelioma Center.

Also get the guide to finding the top Mesothelioma doctors in the US.

Mesothelioma Justice Network

Up until the 1980's, asbestos was thought to be the perfect construction material. Asbestos made products lighter, stronger, fireproof and thermally stable. This staple ingredient used in the field of roofing was plentiful, easy to work with and inexpensive to purchase. Roofers, unfortunately, are in the highest risk group for mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

The Mesothelioma Justice Network is focused on providing information and support to this industry about the health risks and dangers associated with exposure to asbestos, especially for asbestos exposure in roofers.

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