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Buy health products and vitamin supplements in our online store. Buy Can C eye drops, vitamin supplements, BEC5 eggplant cream, Youth Gems skin creams, Russian peptide bioregulators, and other health and longevity products. All health store purchases and payment processing are done via secure, encrypted HTTPS pages, with bank-level security. The Longevity category products are now priced in British pounds - GBP or £.

  SPECIAL OFFER - Deprenyl Liquid and Tablets - antiaging smart drug
Deprenyl Liquid Dep-Pro

Dep-Pro Liquid and Dep-Pro Tablets

Deprenyl is a smart drug that enhances dopamnine levels in the brain, to improve mental focus and increase life expectancy. It's available in 300mg bottle of liquid and in 50 × 5mg tablets that can be easily split into half or quarter, for easier dosages.
SAVE $10 on Deprenyl liquid or SAVE $5 on Deprenyl tablets.

  NEW PRODUCT - Blood Sugar Pro - for controlling your blood glucose level

Vigor Pro caps

Vigor Pro capsules

Erectile Dysfunction ( ED) affects millions of men worldwide. Vigor Pro is a natural, safe and effective supplement that can be used to aid sexula function and to increase one's libido. Buy it now to help you build your sex drive - 120 capsules - £44.95

Blood Sugar Pro

Blood Sugar Pro capsules

This new plant-based supplement has been designed to help stabilize blood glucose levels, thus reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. It also helps to stimulate metabolism, thus helping to manage a healthy body weight - 180 capsules - £39.95

  SPECIAL OFFERS - near expiry date and Clearance Sale products
  Our current Clearance Sale includes 24 products plus 21 Peptide Bioregulators,
  at a minimum of $5 discount, to 10% on bulk purchase and half-price products.
Multi V45 Pro
45 vitamins + min.

Multi V45 Pro
90 capsules
buy Multi V45 Pro
Vitamin D3 5000
For strong bones
Vitamin D3 5000iu
100 capsules
buy Vitamin D3

Metformin 850mg
100 tablets
buy Glucophage

ACF228 caps
ACF228 capsules
30 capsules
buy Euthyrox

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NEW! The Official HCG Diet Plan Products - now available to buy
PAYMENT OPTIONS for online orders: credit cards

15-day HCG Diet Plan

15-day HCG Diet Plan15-day HCG Diet Plan

Official HCG Drops
15-day supply

21-day HCG Diet Plan

21-day HCG Diet Plan21-day HCG Diet Plan

Official HCG Drops
21-day supply

45-day HCG Diet Plan

45-day HCG Diet Plan45-day HCG Diet Plan

Official HCG Drops
45-day supply

90-day HCG Diet Plan

90-day HCG Diet Plan90-day HCG Diet Plan

Official HCG Drops
90-day supply

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Buy Longevity Products and Vitamins
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BEC5 BEC5 Curaderm
BEC5 Curaderm
Skin cancer cream
for skin carcinomas

Can C drops
Can C eye drops
Can C eye drops
Cataract fighting

Can C eye drops
£24.95 - Sale

Beta Glucans 
Can-C Plus
Beta Glucans capsules
Reduce cholesterol
+ prevent infections


CoQ10 SR
Coenzyme Q10 slow release
CoQ10 slow release
Slow release CoQ10 antioxidant capsules

Symprove Probiotic
Symprove Probiotic
The original
Symprove probiotic

Symprove Mango & Passion Fruit
Symprove Flavoured
Probiotic Mango & Passion Fruit flav.

GCB70 Pro
All natural weight
loss supplement
£17.95 - Sale

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 Capsules
Vitamin D3 5000iu
Vitamin D3 5000iu
100 capsules

Buy Health Products and Vitamin Supplements
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ACF228 Caps
ACF228 Inhaler
ACF228 capsules
Antioxidant reduces
cell oxidation

Melatonin MZS
Melatonin Zn-Se
Melatonin MZS
Melatonin formula
with Zinc+Selenium

Vasopressin spray
Nasal spray for
fast memory recall

Zeolite spray
Improves cognition
and brain function

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OXYTOCIN - 'Bonding hormone' range of products
Oxalo Pro Oxaloacetate
Boluoke Lumbrokinase
Blood thinning for
circulatory health

Oxy Lozenge 
Oxy Lozenge
Oxytocin lozenges forge closeness
$19.99 - Sale
Oxy-Pro spray
Oxytocin Oxy-Pro
Oxytocin bonding
hormone spray
$34.99 - Sale
Oxy Sub 
Oxy Sub troches
Oxytocin troches for intimate bonds
Peptide-based Youth Gems® Skin Care Products
PAYMENT OPTIONS: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and Paypal
Body Milk
Youth Gems Body Milk
For smoother and
more efficient skin texture
£29  .95

Day Cream
Youth Gems Day Cream
Protect face and
hands from
skin aging

Youth Gems Serum
Protects more
exposed skin areas
from aging
Youth Gems Tonic
Skin cleanser
for a firm and
taught skin
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Complete range of 21 Russian Peptide Bioregulators
SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 3 or more of the same peptide and save £5 per pack


Heart peptide
20 capsules

Buy ACF228 capsules


Prostate peptide
20 capsules
Buy ACF228 capsules


Retina peptide
20 capsules
Buy ACF228 capsules


Ovary peptide
20 capsules
Buy ACF228 capsules

Click for more Peptide Bioregulators 
- now also available in 3 pax - 60 capsules - SAVE £5 per pack

The Importance of Good Health

Although often taken for granted, good health is the most important personal asset and should be given the utmost importance. Maintaining ood health and fitness makes all other things possible. It enables us to enjoy happy and productive lives, enjoying our time with family and loved ones. Our health guides contain important information and useful insights on the subjects of general health, fitness, weight loss, natural remedies and vitamins. Your will also find articles on various health conditions, such as acne, cancer, diabetes and vitiligo, that provide useful information on symptoms, treatments and possible cures.


Gum Disease and Health
Gum Disease and Health Connection

If you have gume disease it affects not only your bright smile, but also your overall health. More information about this in our infographic.

Healthy Food Trends to Know About - Part 2

Healthy Food Trends in 2019 - Part 2
More healthy foods and trends in 2019

Healthy Food Trends to Know - Part 1

Healthy Food Trends in 2019 - Part 1
Stay on health track with these 2019 trends

Natural Ways to Increase Your Energy

Increase Your Energy Naturally
Natural supplements for more energy

Select Children's Optometrist

Selecting Children's Optometrist
Take a good care of your children's eyes

Houston a Medical Tourism Destination

Houston Medical Tourism Destination
Houston TX medical perspective and progress

Make Working Out a Routine

Make Working Out a Daily Routine
For best results, make workouts a routine

Selecting Dietary Supplements

Choosing Dietary Supplements
Guidelines to selecting dietary supplements

  Your Guides to Healthy Living and Fitness themes
  Health Guides

Healthy food
Health is the foundation of our good living, but it's often taken for granted until it's lost. This greatest of our wealth assets should be maintained to last. Our health guides will provide you with useful, practical tips.

Health Benefits of Being Empath
Health Benefits of Being an Empath
Is Alcohol Good for the Heart
Is Alcohol Good for the Heart?
Health Benefits of Holidays
Health Benefits of Holidays
Guide to Healthy Living
A Guide to Healthier Living
Benefits of Drinking Water
Health Benefits of Drinking Water
Stay Healthy and Fit in 50s
Staying Healthy and Fit in 50s
  Fitness Info

Running for fitness
Keeping fit is an excellent way to preserve and maintain good health. There's more to fitness than exercise, which includes everyday activities, walking and lifestyle choices, to maintain and improve your stamina.

Sports Physiotherapy
Sports Physio - Injuries Solution
Myotherapy Treatment
About Myotherapy Treatment
Busting Muscle Mass Myth
Busting Muscle Mass Myth
Moderate Exercise
The Value of Moderate Exercise
Fitness Industry Trends
Fitness Industry Trends
Home Fitness Plan
5 Ways to Home Fitness Plan
  Dental Health

Dental Health Tips
Although many become aware of dental health importance from the early age, many of us fail at some stage to maintain a good oral care. This brings on cavities and gum disease. Here are some oral care tips.

Kids Overcome Fear of Dentists
Kids to Overcome Fear of Dentists
Teeth Whitening Aftercare
Teeth Whitening Aftercare
Benefits of Cosmetic Dentures
Benefits of Cosmetic Dentures
Emergency Dental Care
Emergency Dental Care Steps
Tooth Extraction Facts
Tooth Extraction Facts
Guide to Brushing Your Teeth
Guide to Brushing Your Teeth
  Lose Weight

Articles on weight loss
Rightly or wrongly, a pleasant physical appearance with good looks can get one far in life and career today. It's not the right measure of someone's good health or personal value. But, here are weight loss tips.

Burning Belly Fat at Home
Burning Belly Fat at Home
Benefits of the Minimalist Diet
Benefits of the Minimalist Diet
Importance of Diet and Fitness
The Importance of Diet and Fitness
Tips to Curb Emotional Eating
Tips to Curb Emotional Eating
Diet and Exercise to Lose Weight
Diet and Exercise to Lose Weight
Easy and Fast Weight Loss Tips
Easy and Fast Weight Loss Tips
  Men's Health

Men's Health
It's a known fact that men are less likely to seek a routine or basic preventative medical help or care. Men's health issues are often tackled belatedly. A good prevention is at the core of anyone's good health.

Men's Health Issues
Important Men's Health Issues

Men's Fitness Tips
Men's Basic Fitness Tips

Erectile Dysfunction Causes
Four Erectile Dysfunction Causes
Common Sexual Problems in Men
Common Sexual Problems in Men
Dealing With Depression
Dealing With Depression in Men
Erectile Dysfunction Drugs
About Erectile Dysfunction Drugs
  Women's Health

Women's Health
Women's health issues often include many different health, fitness and nutrition concerns. Balanced eating, sleeping well and regular exercise are all a good foundation for maintaining a healthy and fit body.

De-Stress Tips for New Mums
Tips for New Mums to De-Stress
Healthy and Fitness for Women
Healthy Diet and Fitness for Women
Electronic Cigarette and Pregnancy
E-Cigarette and Pregnancy
Antiaging Surgery Procedures
Antiaging Surgery Procedures
How to Look Younger
10 Tips on How to Look Younger
Staying Healthy After Pregnancy
Staying Healthy After Pregnancy
  What you should know about Acne, Cancer and Diabetes
  Diabetes Guide

Diabetes glucose control
Diabetes is a serious disease that affects over 300 million people worldwide. There are two types: Type 1 (juvenile), Type 2 (diabetes mellitus). Type 1 is insulin dependent; Type 2 is treated by Metformin.

Diabetes Complications
Complications by Diabetes
Diabetes Control
How to Control Your Diabetes?
Diabetes Fighting Foods
Foods That Can Fight Diabetes
Diabetes Symptoms
What Are The Signs of Diabetes
Diabetic Eye Disease
Diabetes Can Cause Blindness
Glucose Monitoring
Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels
  Cancer Info

Despite being around for many decades, cancer is still a big mystery. It affects millions of people worldwide and the Big C is often a scary word. One way to defuse this fear, is to work on prevention.

Breast Cancer Awareness
Raising Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Symptoms
Symptoms of Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer Stages
My Friend Has a Cervical Cancer
Cancer Treatment Hope
Hoping for Cancer Treatment
Exercise for Cancer Patients
Exercise Tips for Cancer Patients
Oncology Systems
Cancer Treatment Centre Programs
  Care Giving, Controversies in Health, and Surgeries
  Elderly Care and Help

Caring for elderly
What elderly care involves and what are some therapies for the elderly? It's not an easy propspect, but sooner or later most of us have to deal with having to care for our elderly parents or loved ones.

Aging in Place at Home
How to Care for Elderly at Home
Healthy Aging and Self Care
Importance of Self Care for Aging
Help Seniors Sleep Better
Helping Seniors to Sleep Better
Nutritious Food for Elderly
Nutritious Food for the Elderly
Prepare for Aging Parents
How to Prepare for Aging Parents
Tips for Healthy Aging
Advice and Tips for Healthy Aging
  Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeries

Cosmetic Surgeries
Cosmetic and plastic surgery has become a very common practice to improve individual's appearance, or correct inborn or perceived imperfections. But these surgeries are also done for weight loss reasons.

Breast Augmentation Facts
Breast Surgery Benefits and Risks
Good Rhinoplasty Candidate
Best Candidates for Nose Job
Disc Replacement Surgery
Disc Replacement Surgery Facts
Lasik Eye Surgery
Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure
Tracheostomy Patient Care
Tracheostomy Patient Care
Plastic Surgery After Childbirth
Plastic Surgery After Childbirth
  Information on Medical Topics, Issues and Equipment
  Medical Information

Medical Information
Today medical information is only a few clicks away, where you can find plenty of data on just about any medical topic. But you need to rely on tried and tested sources. Medical info here aims to direct you to the right sources.

Home Medical Cheks
Medical Checks in Your Own Home
Dealing With Cat Allergies
How to Deal with Cat Allergies?
Intravenous Biologic Medications
Intravenous Biologic Medications
Choosing a Medical Specialist
Guide to Choosing Medical Specialist
How to Prevent Snoring
How to Prevent Snoring Problem
Myths About Physiotherapy
Top Myths about Physiotherapy
  Mental Health and Disorders, Guidance and Help
Mental Disorders

Mental Disorders
A significant number of people suffer from mental disorders. Most uf know very little about warning signs and symptoms when someone's mental health is affected. These guides will give you some information and online help where available.

Adolescent Self-Harm Disorder
Adolescent Self Harm Disorder
Autism and PTSD Resources
Autism and PTSD Resources
Deficiency and Developmental Infographic
Deficiency and Developmental Infographic
Child Support With Special Needs
Child Support With Special Needs
Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation
Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation
Journaling in Recovery
Journaling Your Way to Recovery
  How to Manage Your Stress and Therapeutic Massage
   Stress Relief and Massage Therapy

Stress Relief
Stress is part of our lives, as a normal human reaction to our everyday challenges and tough situations. How we handle it determines our ability to deal with stress and manage it. One of the practical ways to deal with stress is to see a good massage therapist.

Exercise to Relieve Stress
Exercizing Helps Relieve Stress
Acupucture Stress Treatment
Treating Stress With Acupuncture
Practicing Buddhist Meditation
Practice Buddhist Meditation
Advantages of Massage Therapy
Advantages of Massage Therapy
Low Back Pain Massage Therapy
Treat Low Back Pain with Massage
Four Massage Table Features
Four Features of Massage Table

Health and Vitamins Guides

Good fitness is generally a sign of good health. But fitness is also an excellent way to maintain good health, and a good way to improve it. Another way to preserve good health is to supplement your daily diet with vitamins and vitamin products, especially in the view of our foods being depleted of minerals and vitamins - see our newsletter article about malnutrition. Learn more about multivitamin health benefits, as well as leading a life of health and fitness.

Do your shopping at our health products online store for all your supplements needs. We have just added new longevity products to the available range of products, with more to come as they become available. There is also new HCG Diet Plan range of products and Youth Gems skin care products.

Acne, Diabetes and Cancer Info

Our health guides would not be complete without knowing "the other side of the coin" - illnesses. In order to truly appreciate good health while we have it, we also need to know and understand what happens when we end with poor health. One of the most widespread, modern illnesses is Diabetes - the silent killer. The other carcinoma - or cancer. There are also common afflictions that affects a lot of people, such is Acne. Although generally thought of as teenage years condition, it also tends to affect a lot of adults. Learn more about acne and acne cures and treatments.

You will find articles on the subject of Health Insurance and Medical Information. We have also added new Health Controversies section, where you will find some useful information on controversial health issues. Visit also our Newsletter section, with some of the past issues available to read.

  Recently added Health products
Picamilone Picamilon-Pro
60 × 50mg caps.
buy Picamilone capsules
Improve cognition
120 × 10mg caps.
buy Vinpocetine capsules
Smart drug
Adrafinil Adra Pro
40 × 300mg tabs.
$27.99 Sale
buy Adrafinil tablets
Acarbose Glucobay
30 × 100mg tabs.
buy Acarbose tablets
AGE inhibitor
90 × 75mg tabs.
buy Aminoguanidine
Nitric Pro4
Cardio health
30 × 10g sachets
buy Nitric Pro4
ACF228 caps.
An antioxidant
ACF228 capsules
30 capsules
£27.95 Sale
buy ACF228 capsules
Can-C Plus
Eye protection
Can-C Plus capsules
90 capsules
buy Can-C Plus capsules
Click for our Special Offers


Keep Your Skin Healthy

Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy

So, what does it take to keep your skin healthy and glowing? Cosmetics aside, which only fixes the surface problem, beauty is more than "skin deep". Your skin's health is a reflection of many things, including your daily habits and nutrition. Here are some tips to keep your skin looking good and glowing.

Lifestyle and Inflammation

Lifestyle and Inflammation

It's one of the most common health conditions that affect our body. While some of inflammation is the body natural response to minor infections or cuts, it's the chronic inflammation that should be cause for concern, leading to serious diseases. Our lifestyle is often one of leading causes of inflammation.

Gum Disease and Health

Gum Disease and Overall Health

There's much more to good oral health than a great smile and clean teeth. Research has shown that gum disease can lead to some serious diseases, such as heart issues, risk of diabetes and dementia. Our infographic explains connections between gum disease and overall health.

Healthy Food Trends to Know - Part 2

More 2019 Healthy Food Trends to Know About

With a growing health and nutritional awareness, people seek more and better choices in their daily nutrition. Some of these healthy food trends are new, while others are rooted in previous traditions, but with a new twist. If you are health-oriented, you will find here some interesting healthy-food trends.

Healthy Food Trends to Know About

The 2019 Healthy Food Trends Worth Knowing

Dieting and lifestyle trends change every year. Some of those trends last, the others vanish as quickly as they appear. Like anything in life, good things will stay with us for a long time, or until something better comes along. Here are some of the 2019 healthy food trends that you should know about.

 For more of the recent posts and articles, go to the Updates.

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Can-C eye drops 10ml pack
Can-C eye drops special offer
Fight cataracts and
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50 capsules

ACF228 capsules special offer
Antioxidant protection against free radicals
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