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Purchase here health and vitamin supplements in our online store. Buy Can C eye drops, vitamin supplements, BEC5 eggplant cream, Hemagel, skin creams, Russian peptides and other health products. Payments can be made using credit cards, e-checking service (for US customers only), and wire transfer. All online purchases are done via secure, encrypted HTTPS pages. See our current Special Offers.

Symprove Probiotic

Symprove Mango & Passion Fruit flavour

New Mango & Passion Fruit flavour option has been added to our popular Symprove Probiotic range. We have also reduced the price to only $94.99 for a pack of 4x 500ml bottles.

Vitamin D3 5000iu

Low price for Vitamin D3 5000iu

We have reduced the price for Vitamin D3 capsules, containing 5000iu. These high-strength vitamin capsules are essential for maintaining healthy bones. Buy 100 capsules for only $7.99.

NEW - Back in stock again

One of the most effective antibiotics

An antidepressant and MAO inhibitor
Retin-A cream

Improves skin and reduces wrinkles

Original nootropic for better memory
Latest products added to our range
ACF228 caps.
ACF228 antioxidant
Best antioxidant to
reduce oxidation
ACF228 inhaler
ACF228 Breathe Easy
New type of inhaler
clears mucus
Oxy-Pro spray
Oxy-Pro nasal spray
Oxytocin bonding
hormone spray
Parent Essential Oil Omega fatty acids
Buy Health Products and Vitamin Supplements

BEC5 Curaderm

Skin cancer cream
for skin carcinomas

Hema Gel
Hema Gel
Rapid wound healing
available FREE
with BEC5 purchase

Can C eye drops
Can-C eye drops
Cataract fighting
Can C eye drops

Can C Plus caps 
Can-C Plus
Oral supplement for keep eyes healthy


Beyond B12
Beyond B12

Boost energy levels
antioxidant formula

Bio En'R-G'y C
Beyond C info
Beyond C -
vitamin C powder

Beyond Fiber 
Beyond Fiber info
Powder drink for
the bowel health
Bone Pro
Bone Pro info
Herbs and vitamins
for strong bones

Coenzyme Q10
Coenzyme Q10 slow release

Slow release CoQ10antioxidant

Melatonin formula
Zinc + Selenium
Neydent info
Unique toothpaste
with Xylithol
Vasopressin info
Nasal spray for
fast memory recall
NEW - Peptide-based Beauty and Skin Care Products
Body Milk
Youth Gems Body Milk

Smoother and more
efficient skin texture
Day Cream
Youth Gems Day Cream
Protect face and
hands from skin aging
Youth Gems Serum
Protects noticeable
skin area from aging
Youth Gems Tonic

Skin cleanser for
firmer, taught skin
NEW - Complete range of Russian Peptide Bioregulators

20 capsules

Buy ACF228 capsules


20 capsules
Buy ACF228 capsules


20 capsules
Buy ACF228 capsules


Fem. Repro.
20 capsules
Buy ACF228 capsules

For more information on Russian Peptides and to view all 21 of the products, click here.

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The Importance of Good Health

Although often taken for granted, good health is the most important personal asset and should be given the utmost importance. Maintaining ood health and fitness makes all other things possible. It enables us to enjoy happy and productive lives, enjoying our time with family and loved ones. Our health guides contain important information and useful insights on the subjects of general health, fitness, weight loss, natural remedies and vitamins. Your will also find articles on various health conditions, such as acne, cancer, diabetes and vitiligo, that provide useful information on symptoms, treatments and possible cures.


Guide to Brushing Your Teeth
Short Guide to Brushing Your Teeth
What can be more beautiful than a big, white smile? It takes a consistent effort to achieve it,  but there's more to benefits from a good oral hygiene than just a great pearly smile.

Benefits of Soccer FITNESS
Benefits of Playing Soccer

Improve your health, fitness and sociability
Bodybuilding and Vaping FITNESS
Bodybuilding and Vaping
Smoking e-cigarettes and bodybuilding
Treat Infected Piercings BEAUTY
How to Treat Infected Piercings
Learn to prevent and treat infected piercing
Benefits of Shaving Your Armpits BEAUTY
Health Benefits of Shaving Armpits 
Discover health benefit of shaving underarms
Exercise to Relieve Stress FITNESS
Exercise to Relieve Stress
Reduce your stress levels with exercise


Health Guides Fitness Info Lose Weight

Healthy food

Running for fitness

Articles on weight loss

Health is the foundation of our good living, but it's often taken for granted until it's lost. This greatest of our wealth assets should be well maintained. There are many ways to maintain your health.
  4 Steps to Better Health
  Health Benefits of Honey
  Easy Ways to Health
  Guide to Healthy Living
  Women Health & Fitness
  How to Stay Young

Keeping fit is an excellent way to preserve and maintain good health. There are many ways achieve fitness today.
Health and Fitness
  Healthy Diet Plan
  24-hour Fitness Center
  Dieting for Fitness

  Medicine Ball Exercises
  Fitness with Trampoline
Lifestyle Activities
  Useful Moderate Exercise
  Walking Holiday Benefits

Rightly or wrongly, pleasant physical appearance with good looks can get one far in life and career today. It's not necessary the right measure of someone's good health or personal value, but...
Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Playing an important role in reducing the excess weight.

  Weight Loss Surgery
It's increasingly popular with British businessmen.

Natural Remedies Vitamins Guide Vitamin Supplementation
Natural remedies Vitamins from nature Vitamins supplementation

Modern medicine has made many great advancements. But natural remedies are still used by a good percentage of people with good results. It's no wonder; many modern medications have originated from natural ingredients and substances once used as natural remedies.
Natural Health Remedies
  Healing Natural Remedies
  Natural Remedies Benefits
  Common Nat. Remedies
Natural Home Remedies
  Natural Arthritis Remedies

Vitamins are amongst the most essential ingredients in our food needed by the body to function properly and to fight diseases efficiently. The antioxidants help the body fight free radical damage.
Vitamins Food Sources
 Multivitamin Benefits
  Many Uses of Vitamin A
 Largest Vitamins Group
 • Vitamin B1 Guide
 • Vitamin B2   Riboflavin
Vitamin B3 Niacin 
 Vitamin C many functions
 • Sun Vitamin D

Proper nutrients are needed to attain and maintain proper health. These nutrients and vitamins usually come from our diets. But since modern foods lack in nutrients, more than 200 million people buy vitamins for supplementation. They build immunity levels and help the body fight and prevent disease and oxidative damage caused by the free radicals.
Vitamins for Eye Health
  Vitamins for Healthy Skin
  Vitamins for Beauty

What you should know about Acne, Cancer and Diabetes

Acne Info Cancer Info Diabetes Guide
Acne causes and treatments Cancer Diabetes glucose control

Acne is a condition that mostly affects teenagers, but some adults, too. Learn more about acne causes, myths, treatments and cures.
  Acne Breakouts Causes
  Five Acne Myths
  Acne Laser Treatments
  Adult Acne Effects
  Acne Condition in Adults
  How to Treat Acne Scars
  Acne Scars Treatment
  Topical Acne Products
  Tips for Acne Prevention
  Over Counter Products

Despite being around for many decades, cancer is still a big mystery.  
Benefits of Exercise
Benefits of exercising after being diagnosed with cancer.

  Breast Cancer Symptoms
It's crucially important for women to get regular checks

  What is Cervical Cancer
When best friend has a form of cervical cancer.

  Safe Cancer Treatment
Safe cancer treatment could be still a long way off.

Diabetes is one of the most serious diseases that affects an estimated 300 millions of people worldwide. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 or juvenile diabetes and type 2 or diabetes mellitus. Type 1 is insulin-dependent, while Type 2 is often treated with Metformin tablets. Get your other diabetes facts here.
Diabetes Complications
  Diabetes Control
  Diabetic Eye Disease
  Diabetes Symptoms


Elderly Care Health Controversies Surgeries Information
Caring for elderly Controversial health issues Surgeries information

It's not an easy prospect, but sooner or later most of us will have to deal with having to care for our eldelry parents or loved ones. What are some of therapies for the elderly?
Benefits of Respite Care
The primary care giver has to balance life to avoid burnout.

  Doll Therapy for Dementia
This controversial treatment makes patiens feel well.

Health is often the subject of many controversies. Here we explore a few health issues.
Calcium Under Scrutiny
Calcium is wrongly faltered

  Food Industry Fronts
The best PR money can buy
  Swine Flu Outbreak
Could an outbreak affect the delicate global economy?
  Unethical Psychic Signs
Determine authentic psychic

This information will help you dispel some of the fears often associated with surgeries.
  Breast Surgery Recovery
Different factors determine the recovery period.

Lasik Eye Surgery
By changing the shape of the cornea, Lasik improves vision
  Types of Heart Surgery
Helps you better understand the terms the doctors use.

Health and Vitamins Guide

Good fitness is generally a sign of good health. But fitness is also an excellent way to maintain good health, and a good way to improve it. Another way to preserve good health is to supplement your daily diet with vitamins and vitamin products, especially in the view of our foods being depleted of minerals and vitamins - see our newsletter article about malnutrition. Learn more about multivitamin health benefits, as well as leading a life of health and fitness.

Do your shopping at our online store for vitamin supplements and health products. We have just added some new products to the available range of products, with more to come as they become available. Our eye health supplements section will be shortly updated.

Acne, Diabetes and Cancer Info

Our health guides would not be complete without knowing "the other side of the coin" - illnesses. In order to truly appreciate good health while we have it, we also need to know and understand what happens when we end with poor health. One of the most widespread, modern illnesses is Diabetes - the silent killer. The other carcinoma - or cancer. There are also common afflictions that affects a lot of people, such is Acne. Although generally thought of as teenage years condition, it also tends to affect a lot of adults. Learn more about acne and acne cures and treatments.

You will find articles on the subject of Health Insurance and Medical Information. We have also added new Health Controversies section, where you will find some useful information on controversial health issues. Visit also our Newsletter section, with some of the past issues available to read.


Guide to Brushing Your Teeth

Guide to Brushing Your Teeth

Everybody loves a beautiful, pearly white smile, reflecting good healthy teeth. If you still have your teeth, it's relatively easy to accomplish this, providing that you maintain good oral hygiene. Take a look at our short guide to keeping your teeth health with regular and proper brushing, and flossing.

Benefits of Soccer

Benefits of Playing Soccer

The original football is one of the most widely popular sports throughout the world, known as soccer in the US. While it's played professionally and competitively, it's also a great pass time activity, which is played spontaneously anywhere. Soccer offers health, fitness and social benefits to its participants.

Bodybuilding and Vaping

Bodybuilding and Vaping

If you are a smoker and body builder, can switching to e-cigs make any difference? There's no denial that all smoking is bad for you. But it seems that, apart from some health advantages, electronic cigarette smoking can make it easier to exercise and build body, when compared to traditional smoking.

Treat Infected Piercing

How to Treat Infected Piercing

Men and women use a variety of body piercings, from ear and belly button piercings, to eyebrow, cheek, and different surface and dermal piercings. It's a very popular and versatile type of body art. But if it's not done properly, it can get infected. Here are some suggestions to prevent it and treat when it happens.

 For more of the recent posts and articles, go to the Updates.

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